Threatened abortion

A threatened abortion is a condition of pregnancy that suggests potential miscarriage may take place. Lower abdominal pain and genital bleeding are main symptoms. It is important to make a differential diagnosis to confirm that the symtpoms are not by other diseases such as ectopic pregnancy. The potential causes of threatened abortion are 1) ovular problems such as chromosomal aberration and severe deformity, 2) local problems such as deformity of uterus, myoma of uterus, endometritis, hypoplasia of uterus, and cervical incompetence, 3) pregnancy of blood group incompatibility and other immunologic factors, 4) maternal concomitant diseases such as endocone-related disorders, diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure, and 5) unknown causes such as psychological stress, labor, overwork, and exercise. There is no accepted theory.


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