What are precautions for intravenous injection of Transamin?

It needs to be injected slowly in the same manner for injection of calcium preparations. Although Transamin is an easy-to-use drug which rarely entails adverse reactions, it may cause nausea, vomiting, or transient decrease in blood pressure when injected rapidly. If any of these adverse reactions occured, the injection should be discontinued to give the patient a rest. These adverse reactions are just transient ones and patients will recover from them soon. When the relationship between the incidence of nausea/vomitting and injection of Transamin was investigated using dog models, the injection speed had a larger influence on the incidence of nausea than the concentration of the drug. When 30 mg/kg of Transamin was intravenously injected into normal healthy dogs, there was no effect. When it was injected in a dose of 40 to 300 mg/kg, however, a vomitory effect was observed depending on the dose. It was found that induction of vomiting could be relieved by reducing the injection speed.


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