What kinds of urogical diseases are likely to involve bleeding?

There are bleeding disorders such as cystitis, urethritis, ureteral calculus, vesical calculus, and bladder cancer.

Anderson et al. studied the effect of treatment with Transamin on urinary tract bleeding in patients suffering various urological diseases. Transamin was given orally (500 mg or 1,000 mg three-times dailly) or by intravenously (10 mg/kg). The treatment of Transamin showed favorable effects in 71 patients with from lower urinary tract without evidence of abnormal fibrinolytic activity in the plasma, 11 patients with renal hematuria showing no generalized fibrinolysis, 87 patients with bleeding following prostatic surgery and 28 patients with generalized fibrinolysis. Abnormally high fibrinolytic activities in plasma in some patients were restored to normal values after oral (1.5 g) or intravenous (10 mg/kg) administration of Transamin.


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